About Vanderbilt Reviews Neuroscience

Vanderbilt Reviews Neuroscience (VRN) is an open access journal (please see the Public Knowledge Project). VRN is the official Journal of the Vanderbilt University Neuroscience Graduate Program and the Vanderbilt Brain Institute VRN is a collection of reviews submitted by Vanderbilt University Neuroscience Graduate Program Students whiles qualifying for doctoral candidacy. The journal also offers highlights and commentary on work being done at Vanderbilt and in Neuroscience laboratories around the world. VRN was founded in May 2009 in an effort to consolidate and recognized the hard work done by each class of Ph.D. qualifiers, and is published yearly by the Institute, one volume per year.

Review Process

All Reviews submitted for doctoral qualification must be approved by a committee of at least four tenured or tenure track faculty members (Phase 1). All approved reviews are accepted by VRN. Reprints of individual articles are available from the authors or here on the website. Requests for permission to reprint material published in VRN should be made in writing and addressed to the attention of:

Vanderbilt Reviews Neuroscience
Vanderbilt Brain Institute
U1205 Medical Center North
Nashville , TN 27232(615) 936-3736

The request must include a citation of the exact material that will be reprinted and specific information about where it will be used. One must receive express written permission from the authors whose work will be reused. Original artwork can only be obtained from the authors.

All copyrights are held by the authors.