A Note From the Director:

In my first year as the Director of the Vanderbilt Brain Institute and the Vanderbilt Neuroscience Graduate Program, I have been continually impressed with the passion for science and dedication to the research endeavor that embodies each of our graduate students. This volume serves as a tangible testament to the exceptional nature of these individuals, and illustrates both the diversity and quality of the neuroscience research enterprise at Vanderbilt. As the first stage in their passage to doctoral candidacy, these reviews serve as springboards to the student’s proposed thesis research, and I am delighted to say that each of our candidates demonstrated a strong breadth and depth of knowledge in their chosen research areas while defending these reviews. I am proud to serve in a leadership role for an organization that can join together to highlight its accomplishments in such a novel, impressive and attractive manner, and I am deeply indebted to those (most notably, Chris Ciarleglio) who have taken a leadership role in making this journal a reality.

Yours in science,
Mark T. Wallace, Ph.D.
Director, Vanderbilt Brain Institute